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Desciples Path
This study is designed to help direct your spiritual growth and provide a deeper understanding of the basics of the Christian faith. This six week study is designed for one-on-one discipleship. This is a great way to get to enhance your Bible knowledge. The study provides a foundation for you to become a follower of Christ and understand many biblical principles for living your Christian life.

These discipleship lessons are designed to help you strengthen your life in Jesus Christ. They are to help you understand what your relationship to God is, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic bible principles to your life, and how your life can be an influential witness and testimony of God’s grace.

This course is for young adults and up, we do have this youth discipleship course available for middle school to youth age kids.

Six lessons:

1. The Beginning – First steps for a new beliver. Creates a foundation in Jesus and answers questions all discples ask.
2. The Way – Follow the path of Jesus through the Gospels and first desciples.
3. The Call – Understand what it means to follow Christ everyday.
4. The Truth – Whats does a desciple believe? Look deeper and answer that quesion.
5. The Life – Looking further into what essential spiritual practices and disciplines help all believers be followers of Christ.
6. The Mission – Find ways to redeem the world and discover the role in that mission.

Children’s Ministry

At Antioch, we call the Children’s Ministry “Kidzone”. Our desire is to create a “zone” for kids that fosters the idea that church is a community where a kid can learn about God and life while having a blast doing it. We want every child to realize that pursuing a relationship with Christ is the most exciting adventure they can take; that following Christ happens “where they live.” It is a daily pursuit, and we hope for each child to say “Why wouldn’t I want a relationship with Christ?”

We strive to make your child’s experience with us a safe one. At your child’s first visit we will have you complete an “About me” form to help us get to know your child and you better. Stages of development, for the little ones, and general info about mom and dad too. You are welcome to bring your child, and stay a while if desired, to your child’s classroom where a classroom volunteer will greet your child and answer any questions you might have. All of our volunteers are background checked and look forward to teaching your children about Jesus!

We divide the children’s ministry into three divisions:
Nursery (0-24 months)
Preschool (2 years to Pre-K) … Some 4 year olds move up to elementary based on ability to sit longer, etc.
Elementary (Kindergarten to 5th grade)

Each division is taught Biblical truth at a level appropriate to their age. During the service, your preschool and elementary child will be taught a lesson based on the same content you will hear in the adult worship service. This helps facilitate family discussions during the week about what you’ve learned and opens the door to discussions of other spiritual topics as well.

On Wednesday’s at 7pm we also offer Kidzone classes. This is a chance for 4-12yr olds to have fun while learning the word, and mom and dad can attend our regular service at the same time upstairs.

If for any reason we need you during the service we will send you a text message, (have your phone on vibrate) or have an usher come and get you.

We hope to make your child’s time with us one of the most exciting times of their week, as well as a time that is helpful to their walk with Christ.

We would be honored to have you visit us!

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