Climbing the Ladder for Christ

Paperback – January 31, 2008

In 1999 Pastor Jack received his calling to be a pastor and for over twenty years, he has shared God’s love by serving in music ministry at churches across the Midwest. He released his first album, “River of Love,” in 2002. Pastor Jack is also a nationally-recognized author – his latest book, “Climbing the Ladder for Christ,” has been published on, and Kindle.

He has been actively following and serving the Lord in several areas. Currently Jack is pastor at the Antioch Community Baptist Church, a rapidly growing house of worship in rural Spring Hill, Kansas. Jack completed his ministerial studies at Graceway Shepherd School of Ministry, Kansas City, Missouri. While there he received the Christian Leadership Award. He has a master’s degree from Ottawa University and is ordained. Jack and his wife Kelly have been married for 36 years and have three daughters and four grandchildren. Jack also has served in music ministry for many years, releasing his first album, “River of Love,” in 2002. Jack was also involved in development and delivery of training for over twenty-five years in the corporate world.

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