Iglesia Evangelica La Redención

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The Antioch Community Baptist Church, On behalf of our church, on behalf of our communities, to which we serve with total dedication; and on behalf of I myself, we greet you in the Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We want, in the same way, to thank you infinitely, by this means, for the donation of the water filters that you sent to us, through the missionaries of the Praying Pelican Missions, on the missionary trip of from December 28, 2°018 to. January 03 of 2019.

It was a beautiful experience, to see how. the families of the different communities opened their doors so that those .water filters could be installed; being that, in short account, a solution for a problem that afflicts the most dispossessed families; above all, those who live in sugarcane plantation areas.

The water filters were distributed, with great care, and in a random way to the families that we understood that the Holy Spirit had directed us to be the beneficiaries.

Know, therefore, that we will be deeply grateful for these gifts; and we pray to God that His work may continue to be done through your church to humanity.

Sincerely Yours,

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