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Greetings from Niger (Tom) and from Kansas (Marcy)

An April Like no other!

The month of April was one of non-stop, intense ministry activity. Three major activities took place, one after the other: 1} A campus-wide outreach in the city of Tahoua, 320 miles east and nor h of Niamey, 2} a special Easter outreach in Niamey on Maundy Thursday, and 3) a campus-wide outreach in the city of Zinder, 550 miles east of Niamey. All three were demanding but extraordinarily fruitful.

Tahoua. After a hard 9-hour drive to Tahoua (no A/C and 110 degrees!) and checking in our hotel, we immediately headed to the dorms to invite students to our outreach 2 days hence. The following day, too, we were on campus inviting students. The day of, 225 students packed into the only large lecture hall on campus. An amazing turnout especially considering that it was the first-ever · Christian campus-wide event on that campus! Ours was a spirit of triumph.

From beginning to end we were “helped!” 160 students signed up for more information! On the next day, we interacted with students who had signed up. The Muslim students (99% of the student body) were touched by our message. One student leader was forced to agree with our conviction that genuine faith transforms heart, character, and relationships, avowing that the professor who leads prayers at the mosque on campus is the most mean-spirited of any!

Easter. We arrived back in Niamey the Sunday before Easter. That same night I printed more follow-up literature for Tahoua and consulted with our Cru student leaders. The fact that an Easter outreach event took place is a testimony to faith! The university professors’ strike and the resulting
demoralization and despondency of the student body led two of our student leaders to vote for canceling the event. One was indifferent. Only one insisted, pleading that this is exactly what Muslims want us to do:

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